The Beginning

When I was younger I hated when we were assigned to write an essay. It was a torture for me. However, in most of the cases, I got a pretty good mark even though I felt like I wrote the worst thing ever.

Last year I have had one of the biggest tasks so far. I had to write my bachelor thesis. Since my major is tourism I decided to write on a topic of Couchsurfing and its use in the Czech Republic. Fact #1: I am from the Czech Republic.

Before my longer staying abroad having my internship I decided to set up a blog. I wrote about my experiences in Taiwan. Fact #2: I had the most amazing internship in Taiwan. And since then from time to time I wrote an article about some of my journeys.

Furthermore, I am a member of the international committee of Erasmus Student Network (ESN) where I have volunteered for more than 3 years. Fact #3: I am an ESN volunteer. Paradoxically I joined Press Team and become one of the regular writers to ESNblog.

Since then I have started liking writing. In summer 2016 I spent 3 weeks in my favourite Asia and visited Taiwan again. Fact #4: I simply love travelling.

In 2017 I was lucky and lived for 6 months in the northern Spain as an Erasmus student. During that time I travelled almost every weekend to a new place mostly in Spain and tried to learn Spanish properly. Fact #5: I spent 6 months in Spain.

Who Am I?

Currently, I am a student who is trying to figure out what I would like to do when I grow up finally. Actually, do I want to grow up?

As I wrote earlier I come from the Czech Republic and I am kind of obsessed with travelling. I do not remember my first travel experience because I was only 2 years old. Since then I have travelled to more than 30 countries, especially in Europe. Fact #6: I have travelled to most of the European countries and even more.

Visited Countries

My list of visited countries is quite long but still, it is only a small part of the world.

I started travelling with my parents when I was pretty small ad nowadays I travel mostly alone or with my friends. I have experienced travelling from going by car and sleeping in a tent to spending many nights at airports in different countries and sharing Airbnb flat with unknown people from around the world. Every time when I travel I try new things, speak with different kind of people and basically get to know the place as deep as I can.


Why Little Blonde Adventure?

I am blonde and I like adventures. I realized that I am not so unskilled and I have some knowledge I would like to share with others and also encourage people to travel because it is getting cheaper and easier and, time for a cliché: it is the only thing you buy and it makes you richer.

Even though I have never studied journalism or anything similar I decided to set up this blog and share my experiences and remarks about travelling and even more with you. I believe it will help you to become a global citizen and enjoy your life.

Let me welcome you to my world of blonde adventures!

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