During my travelling I was so busy so there was no time to sit and write something down. Right now I am back home, drinking tea from Taiwan, I have some free time and I can share my adventure with you. In my first article on the second generation of the blog, I decided to sum up what you can expect in Hong Kong.Unbelievable that it has been weeks already since I had taken a plane from Prague through Dubai to Hong Kong. I have experienced so many things, ate new dishes and most importantly met people who I had not seen for three years.

Hong Kong is a part of China, however, it is a special administrative region which means they have own currency (HK dollars), kind of government and people from most countries do not need visas what you can not say about Mainland of China.


I guess that people from Europe would love Hong Kong since there are toilets for free. At least I appreciated it very much because I hate when I have to pay for this. Hong Kong is famous for shopping that means there are many shopping malls with nice and clean toilets. You can also find public toilets for free. Cleanliness is a little bit worse but still, it is for free. Furthermore, if you are tired of hot weather outside just go to any shop where it is usually around 20 degrees. I would like to know how many people pass away because of strokes in Hong Kong.

Octopus Card

The most amazing thing ever. Octopus car is used mainly for any transportation in Hong Kong which is metro, ferries, buses, and trams. If you use Octopus Card for transportation it is a little bit cheaper. You can purchase Octopus Card in any metro stop. Furthermore, you can use it in many shops to pay, for instance, 7-11, McDonald‘s and so on.

For more information: Octopus Card


I do not like admitting it but I visited McDonald’s in Hong Kong. I was surprised why there are so many customers since, in my opinion, eating in McDonald’s is the worst idea ever and especially in Hong Kong, there are so many much much better possibilities where to eat. The answer is: price. Unfortunately, Hong Kong is a little bit expensive compared to South East Asia countries and McDonald’s belong to cheaper options where to eat.

Air conditioning

I have never seen such a wasting in a long time, I guess. Almost any place inside is air conditioned. But what caught my attention was that in many places, mainly in more luxurious shops such as Gucci, Prada and so on, they left big door open and still use air condition. Anyway, it is good to have something to cover yourself when you enter somewhere, there is usually big temperature difference.

Bamboo Scaffold

Bamboo is said to be very strong material and it is widely used in Hong Kong to build a scaffold. I was pretty amazed when I saw it to support builders in heights. Basically, you can see it in every constructive place.


The crowd

This is probably not so surprising. Hong Kong is quite small and there are almost 7 million inhabitants. So usually not only restaurants and public transports are crowded but also there are many people on streets. Especially in Mong Kok area.

The nature

When you google Hong Kong there are immediately thousands of photos of skyscrapers and downtown. I tell you something, you can find pretty nice nature there, too. Except for parks in a city, there is also Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island, for instance, or many country parks (Tai Mo Shan, Kiu Tsui, Kam Shan etc), beaches and even places for nice hiking.


Tian Tan Buddha


Cheung Chau Island

Cutlery in restaurants

Are you worried about using chopsticks and starved to death in Asia because you cannot find knife and fork? Don’t worry, no problem in Hong Kong. In some restaurants, you can not find chopsticks than cutlery. Sometimes I was quite disappointed that I could not find any chopstick.

The language

I mentioned before that Hong Kong is a special administrative region so people do not speak in Mandarin Chinese but Cantonese. It is even more difficult since there are nine tones in Cantonese. However, it is quite easy to find someone who can speak English. Hong Kong is the international place, home for international trade and many international companies.


Note: Initially made public on my previous blog on 06.09.2016.

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