Hard to believe but the last day of 2017 is here. And I can only say that this year was intense, in a good way. I have experienced many changes in my personal and especially working life. The biggest highlight was living in Spain half of the year. Then I found a job with the amazing team ever. In addition, I survived two big team works at the university (if you ever experienced teamwork at school, you may understand how horrible it can be).

The most important have been people in this year. New friends from around the world who I went for trips, partied, talked for hours with, who listened to me and helped me when I felt down. I would like to thank them all for being here.

However, travelling has composed the big part. So here is the list of the best of 2017.


  • Pamplona

Pamplona becomes my home for almost 6 months. At the beginning it was hard and I even cried once because I felt lonely but then everything turned 180 degrees. This great town in northern Spain has literally stolen my heart thanks to its character, people, and juevintxo.



  • Morocco

Even though I have not visited any new country this year I spent one week in Africa, in a country of thousands smells – Morocco. (Also bad smells.) The thing I never forget is the tour through the Atlas Mountains and spending the night under the stars in Sahara desert following by beautiful sunrise when I did not mind I woke up before 5 a. m.



  • Berlin

I had a pleasure again to be few days in Berlin, too. I attended the biggest event of Erasmus Student Network in the city with strong history and still its own atmosphere. It is always good being there.



  • Mallorca

Still Spain but without Spanish. It is true, there is more German around than in Berlin. However, the best thing to do? Definitely cycling around Palma de Mallorca and further alongside beaches and the sea.



  • Madrid

Madrid is too big and too touristy for me but I found one place which charmed me. The place is the Egyptian temple named Debod Temple. It is not so far away from the city, on the other hand, it is not fussy and there is the stunning view over the city. And I guess it is a suitable place to watch a sunset.



  • Las Fallas

With my Erasmus friends we decided to make a road trip to Valencia for the last weekend of Las Fallas. I have to say that I enjoyed more the time with people than the festival itself. Valencia is a beautiful city, however, I recommend to visit it other time if you are not fond of crowds. On the other hand, it is great going through streets and meeting wooden statues of incredible shapes.



  • San Fermin

One word – craziness. Litres of sangria spilled on people in white clothes, singing, screaming and simply enjoying the moment. I cannot believe I agreed on this but now it is one of the best of my memories so far.proud-pamplones_2


  • Weekend in Northern Ireland

My last trip of the year including the Causeway Coastal Route and the visit of Giant’s Causeway. The sunny weather and ocean breeze, I could not ask for more.



Number of flights: 10

Number of new visited countries: 0

Number of new visited places: too many to be counted

Number of new stamps in the passport: 2 (Morocco)

Number of experiences I will not forget: countless


I wish you a happy new year and new travel destinations to 2018!

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